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Card Payment Advocates High Quality Merchant Account Provider


Our mission as merchant advocates is to educate local business owners about the many changes taking place in today's merchant account industry, help uncover hidden fees, and protect them from processing companies that charge excessively.

Established in 2010, Card Payment Advocates is a company that provides merchant services to small, medium, and large size businesses. Our straight forward pricing structure and transparent merchant statements provide a refreshing approach to an industry littered with unscrupulous sales practices. Our goal is to provide safe harbor to merchants looking for fair pricing and secure payment solutions that fit their specific industry needs. 



Secure Payment

Customer service is not only important before but during and after your account has been setup. We provide local face-to-face installation and training for all new merchants here in Orange County. And it doesn't stop there. Your agent will always be your first line of support. In addition to regular local support you will also have direct access to our corporate customers support center 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Clear, Concise, and
100% Transparent

Over the years processing companies have made merchant statements so difficult to understand that most business owners have no idea what they are paying to accept credit cards. Card Payment Advocates is dedicated to eliminating erroneous fees charged by unscrupulous sales reps. We pride ourselves on having the most straight forward detailed statements in the industry. Our Payment Professionals stand ready to evaluate your account to determine if you are being charge properly and fairly. 


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